Frequently Asked Questions
1.      What specific blood work requires “fasting”?
Unless otherwise specified by your physician you should fast for the following blood work: Lipid panel, Complete metabolic panel, Basic metabolic panel, fasting glucose.
2.      What does “fasting” mean?
Fasting means you may not have anything to eat for 10-12 hours prior to having blood work done. You may drink a small amount of water only during this time. Do not chew gum or eat a breath mint before having your lab work done. The lab staff considers that “non-fasting” and will send you home without drawing your blood. Do not take your morning medication prior to having blood work done, please wait until after your labs are drawn to take it.
3.      Do I have to fast for a urine specimen collection?
No.You do not have to fast for a urine specimen collection.
4.      What does it mean if I am to have “STAT” lab work done?
This means that physician wants you to have your blood work drawn as soon as possible. Please have STAT blood work drawn at the Main ACL lab at 1526 Peach St (old Erie Central Mall). This ensures a timely report back to the physician.
5.      What do I do if I am scheduled for a test and I have to cancel it or reschedule it?
Call St. Vincent scheduling department at 866-4850 and tell them your name and the date and time you are scheduled for your test. The can assist you in either rescheduling the test or they can cancel the test for you.
6.      I’m scheduled for a test and I don’t remember what if any special prep is required before my test. How do I find out?
Call the Scheduling the department of the facility where the test is being done and ask them for any special prep instructions:
St Vincent: 866-4850               
Yorktown: 838-2085               
UPMC Hamot:   877-6123
7.      Do I have to go to any special lab to have blood work done?
Lab orders are entered into a central computer data bank for ACL (Associated Clinical Lab). You can go to any ACL lab you prefer to have your labs done. Give the tech your name, date of birth, and the ordering physician’s name and they will look up the orders.
8.      How long are lab work orders valid for?
Lab work orders are valid for one year from the date they are hand written or entered into the computer system or printed out on paper. 


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